High resolution 3D printing with SLS

The Institute of Fluid Flow Machnery PAS (Department of Plasma and Laser Applications) have advanced 3D printer for selective laser sintering (SLS) of PI (polyiamide) material. Main parameters of the printers are as fallows:
  • print area 25 cm x 25 cm x 32 cm
  • minimum layer tickenss 60 um
  • typical layer ticknes 300 um
  • print speed 3 liters/h
  • 30W CO2 laser
  • printing chamger with controlled temperature up to190 deg. (8 heating zones)
  • laser scann speed 7,6 m/s
  • XY resolution 150 um
  • ability to add print part during the process

Fig. 1 3D Printer from Farsoon (model FS251P)

To take advantage of our offer, please contact Dr Robert Barbucha: email: brobert@imp.gda.pl, tel. 506 310 086

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