Dr. Robert Barbucha

Robert Barbucha received the M.Sc. degree in technical physics from the Gdansk University of Technology in 2003. Since then, he is carrying on scientific researches in the field of laser application in the industry. In 2010 he recieved the PhD degree from The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences.He is co-author of over 40 scientific papers and conference communications concerning laser application in micromachining (cutting, structuring, trepanning, engraving) and direct imaging of electric patterns on printed circuits boards covered by photoresist (Laser Direct Imaging, Digital Micromirror Device). He has developped a serveral laser systems where two awarded with Gold Medals of MTM Poznan (see Awards section). Beween 2013-2016 he collaborated with Quick Test company (Taiwan) as a researcher in a project of industrial system for high-speed solder masks exposure (PCB industry). His current intersts are:

- industrial robots (Fanuc, ABB)

- high power lasers (UV-->IR, fiber, diode, gas)

- software programming (.NET)

- machine design and development (Alibre Design, Zemax)